Writer, Creator, Consultant

Amy Nickerson is an author, television and film content creator, lecturer, educational consultant, and diversity/inclusion/anti-racism advocate. Her first book How Do You See Us?, released at the end of 2019, debuted as an Amazon bestseller under the categories of Discrimination and Constitutional Law. Amy, who has been married 30 years to husband Hardy, a former NFL All-Pro linebacker and former NFL and college coach, created the personal narrative to detail and analyze what she and her family have witnessed and personally experienced related to problematic issues concerning law enforcement. She has shared her perspective and innermost feelings about race in America and how and why tensions continue to escalate between African-Americans and police officers, as well as ordinary white citizens insistent on policing Black people. 

  • In addition to writing, Amy has counseled numerous student-athletes and their families about various issues unique to student-athletes, such as balancing the demands of school and sports, the NCAA college recruitment process, and general academic support concerns.  She has also lectured as a college adjunct instructor focusing on issues concerning Black athletes and the educational system. Having raised three successful student-athletes, Amy understands first-hand the fullness of professional sports and life in the NFL, in addition to issues unique to student-athletes at the high school and collegiate levels. Her background also includes: owning and managing a real estate firm servicing professional athletes and entertainers; hosting her own weekly sports radio talk show; and working as an account executive for Ketchum Public Relations, a global public relations firm.


    Amy graduated with honors from the University of California at Berkeley with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Afro-American Studies and Social Sciences.  She returned, after a 21-year hiatus spent supporting her husband’s career and raising children, to earn a Master of Arts degree in Education from UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Education.  Amy’s course of study focused on the intersection of athletics and academics within the U.S. educational system, and her independent research explored African-American student-athletes’ pursuit of college scholarships, academic performance, and parental attitudes about both.  Within the educational community at large, she served for seven years on the Cal Parents Board, the UC Berkeley Library Advisory Board, and the Cal Heritage Fund. She has also contributed as a member of numerous boards and committees focusing on diversity and inclusion, anti-racism, educational equity, and the advancement of multicultural education. 


    Amy lives in Oakland, CA with her husband, Hardy. They have three adult children, Ashleigh, Haleigh, and Hardy, Jr.